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The ® Project

We want to help you make good decisions! Earthink® develops and commercially implements projects that seek to use natural resources in a sustainable manner. This is the company’s top priority.

About us

Our story starts with what we all share: Earth

Our wonderful planet facilitates life and shapes our everyday living. Our planet produces all the air, water and biosphere we need to live. This also includes the protection, energy, minerals and food required for over 7.6 billion people (as of nov. 2018) to live and grow.

The age of industrialisation, the fast growing world population, the changes in the world’s oceans, the expansion of the military worldwide, the worrying developments in nanotechnology, nuclear energy and past world wars have all contributed to increasing discord and riots in our world. We stand for sustainability, the protection of our planet, and the know-how to combat global warming. Our knowledge about energy, minerals, natural materials, environmental protection, and our planet in general, allows us to implement projects that address these issues. We are specialist contact, problem solver, consultant and support person for initiators, investors and partners.

What we do

Maintaining sustainability for our Planet.



We have suitable contacts, investors, the knowledge and ideas to protect and use our planet’s resources.


Thanks to our know-how which we have acquired over many years in the areas of sustainability, conservation of the environment, energy generation, minerals etc., we are your perfect contact should you be interested in implementing those types of projects.


We support projects in the field of renewable energies, sustainability, minerals, environmental protection, etc., and we facilitate investment, implementation and concepts.


Our projects are intended to maintain sustainability for our planet: Earth

We offer consultancy, implementing and matching of various projects aimed at maintaining sustainability of our planet. Their main priority is a sustainable use of the resources put at our disposal by our planet, and that we need for daily living.

For many years now, Earthink® has been using its knowledge successfully, thus improving life all over the world. Earthink® projects have been implemented globally at the most diverse of sites and environments. They serve only one purpose: To maintain the sustainability of our planet.

  • Earth

    Earthink® - Knowing how to make the most of Earth

    Earth provides us with all the minerals, nutrients, building and other materials we need for living and building. As inhabitants of Earth, we are responsible for using these products in a sustainable and best possible manner. We develop ideas and implement projects in this field so that we can use the materials in the best possible and environmentally compatible manner. This also includes developing new uses for materials already known and introducing them to industry.

    Claystone - Australia

    We are jointly responsible for the best possible use of a special sand extracted in a pit in Australia. The special composition of the sand allows the manufacture of products featuring a quality so far not known. At our request, sand quality is scientifically verified at different universities, which allows the use of this high-quality, sustainable product.

  • Water

    Earthink® - Using water in the best possible way

    Water is the essence of all life and has also been called the basic substance of the universe. It is an amazing and unique phenomenon because it is the only material present on Earth in all three material states (in liquid, solid and gaseous form). Water is a determining factor in world economics, in agriculture, and in the most diverse manufacturing processes.

    Together with other innovative organisations, Earthink® is cooperating in researching and developing advanced methods, like the desalination for clean water, waste recycling, and the generation of clean, safe, and renewable energy.

  • Fire

    Earthink® - Using fire in a controlled manner

    From the very beginning, man has been able to use fire as a heat and light source. The only big demonstration of fire on our planet is the sun which is an amazing flame of pure fusion energy. The sun is the primary energy source of all surface phenomena and life on Earth. It is only now that we start to understand how it is possible to use light, heat and the photon energy for the good of mankind. Earthink® is actively involved in the research, development and implementation of leading solar technologies and has made considerable progress in the implementation of unlimited, clean and renewable energy sources in the form of a “little sun” on Earth.

  • Air

    Earthink®- Using air in the best possible way

    The air is a mixture of gases that form the atmosphere around Earth. These gases are needed for respiration and photosynthesis, and Earth is the only planet in the entire solar system with an atmosphere that maintains life. The atmosphere does not only comprise the air we breathe but also protects us from the radiation emitted by the sun. This radiation heats the planet up during the day and cools it down at night.

    We are now challenged to limit climate change and to improve bad air quality. We have reached the volatile situation of imminent disaster if we do not act at once. Therefore, far-reaching changes need to be implemented. In doing so, we want to restructure energy supply, transport and industrial installations which emit noxious substances. This will enable significant improvements.



Do you have an idea? Would you like to invest? Are you looking for investors or partners? Please contact us!
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